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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions prior to choosing a facial treatment.

Are you wondering what facial treatment is going to suit your skin the best? Many of us ask ourselves the same frequently asked questions. That is why it is important for SkinFixx to answer some of those frequently asked questions. So you can be able to choose a treatment that is going to fit your skin needs the best.

Facial treatment

What facial treatment is best?

The best facial treatment is one that will address your skin problems. For example, if you have dehydrated skin you need a facial that will rehydrate your skin and make it supple. One of the serums that will be used during your treatment is hyaluronic acid.

Facial treatment

What do facial treatments do?

A facial treatment does many things. It helps with reducing your pore size. It also helps with treating surface dryness which can cause breakouts but most of all. Facials feed your skin the vitamins it needs in order to create beautiful healthy skin.

Facial treatment

Are Facial Treatments Good for face?

Every facial treatment should be customized depending on your skin’s health. If you are struggling with breakouts we need to find out several things before we start any specific facial treatment. This is to make sure that we also address your everyday lifestyle habits that might be contributing to your skin issues.


How much is a facial in LA?

A facial in LA can range anywhere between $50-$1000. The pricing can sometimes depend on the type of product being used or the experience that the esthetician may have. A well rounded esthetician will not just provide the facial but will educate the client on their skin type.


Is it worth getting a facial?

Getting a facial is the most beneficial thing you can do for your skin. One of the benefits that getting a facial has is that your skin will be supple and hydrated. Especially here in LA we see a lot of surface dryness due to the dry weather that LA has. Sometimes drinking water isn't enough.

Acne Facial

What does an acne facial do?

An acne facial is to unclog and treat unwanted acne. Acne can be very painful and can cause a person to have low self esteem because of it. Acne facials should be treated very thoroughly and with the utmost hygienic procedures. Also, daily habits should be taken into consideration when treating acne.

Acne Facial

Is getting a facial good for acne?

Getting an acne facial is definitely a great way to treat unwanted acne. During your facial the esthetician should thoroughly cleanse the skin prior to addressing the acne present. Extractions should be done thoroughly and then treated with serums and other products to help the acne inflammation and reduce infections.

Acne Facial

What kind of facial is good for acne?

The type of facial that is good for people that are struggling with acne. Is a customized acne facial treatment that will be thorough with extractions. You will also want the esthetician to incorporate healing products into your facial. So your skin’s health can improve and also help with the healing process.

Back Acne

How can I get rid of back acne fast?

There is no fast way to get rid of back acne. The one thing you can do to help prevent back acne is to cleanse your skin regularly with a good cleanser and exfoliate every other day or as needed to prevent clogged up pores.

Anti aging Facial

What Facial is best for aging?

The best facial to get as you get older is an anti-aging facial. This type of facial will help your skin with elasticity and plumpness. As you get older your skin has less elasticity so you would definitely want to activate your skin’s muscles to help them prevent skin sagging.
If you are looking for a professional esthetician that is going to be thorough in their facial treatment. Look no further, we will make sure your skin gets the proper treatment it needs.

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