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If you are wanting to have beautiful healthy skin SkinFixx LA is where you will want to book your next facial. Here at Skin FIxx LA we will provide you with a deep analysis of your skin and the issues we will address in your treatment. We will also make sure that your facial is suited just for you.
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Want to know what is different about us at SkinFixx LA?

SkinFixx was created for individuals looking to get customized facial treatment services. One of our goals in your facial treatments is to address all of your skin needs. Not every facial session will be the same. Some skin issues can be addressed in one session while other skin issues can take a couple more visits. Every session that we take comes with a thorough analysis of your skin. The information that we get from your skin analysis will help us determine what products and techniques we will use in your treatment for that day. We carefully choose the products that will tackle your skin issues. While at the same time feeding your skin the proper skin serums that will help it heal faster and stay healthy. Our main goal is for you to obtain healthy skin and not a perfect one.

We know that everyone has at one time or another struggled or is struggling with self confidence due to their skin problems. Whether it is acne, skin pitting or maybe some melasma from a pregnancy. These are all skin issues that can affect someone's confidence. As someone who has struggled with acne all their life. I know all too well the effort that we take to try and hide it instead of addressing it. Now that I am older and have learned the proper way of treating acne with the correct cleansing products and serums. I now want to help others by educating them about their own skin while treating their skin issues. This helps you as the client to understand your own skin needs and how to buy the correct products for your skin in the future.

Here at SkinFixx we strive to make your skin as healthy as it can be. With the correct skin products and healthy eating habits all of this can be obtainable. You might be wondering why your eating habits are even mentioned and that is a good question. The reason why is because most of our skin problems sometimes come from what we eat. For example, if you are a person who is struggling with painful acne filled with pustules and pupuoles you need to consider cutting dairy from your diet. Reason being is because dairy contains hormones that are said to aggravate acne. Of course we never want to completely cut certain foods from your diet because let's be honest we all eat them and that's okay. We just have to limit the amount that we eat. There are many changes that a person can make to help their skin be as healthy as possible. Some of these changes will be harder than others but with time and dedication you will see the results you are looking for.

If you are wanting to obtain the best skin you have ever had, book with us now. We will be sure to make your skin happy and healthy.

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