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Would you like to get the best facial treatment you have ever had? Book an appointment at SkinFixx with our licensed and certified aesthetician. Our skin specialist will analyze your dermis inch by inch to make sure your skin needs get addressed. All of our facials are customized so we can provide the best facial treatment for you.

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Looking for a facial spa near me?

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are searching for a facial spa near me. Look no further SkinFixx will have the best facial treatment your skin needs. When looking up for the best facial treatment near me you never think to search what type treatment you need for your skin type. Well here at SkinFixx we do the research for you.

We will let you know in what state your skin is in and what it needs to be healthy. Some of the facials that we offer are your Classic Facial & Facial Repair. Even if you opt to receive a classic facial we will always make sure that the facial is customized for your skin type. Our goal is to give you healthy skin, not a perfect one. That is why when looking for the best facial spa near me make sure that they can address your skin needs.

Again we cannot stress this enough that when you look up a facial spa near me make sure that the esthetician you will book with can tackle your problem areas on your skin with products that you will be comfortable with. Never book with an esthetician that will try to tackle your problem areas with the harshest chemicals without analyzing your skin and prepping it prior to having a more radical approach. If your esthetician is doing that please search for another facial spa near me. Once SkinFixx pops up on your search, make an appointment you will be glad you did.

Searching for facial treatments near me and around the Los Angeles area? Look no further

If you have searched for facial treatments near me and have found SkinFixx you have arrived at the right place. At our facial spa we offer customizable facials to fit every skin need. As you may know not everyone is the same so why should your skin be. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and you need to make sure that you are properly taking care of it not only by drinking water and eating healthy, but by also making sure that your skin is healthy from the inside and outside. When looking up facial services near me and SkinFixx comes up make sure to book your appointment because rest assured that we will be one of the best facial treatments near me options around town. We pride ourselves by providing the best facial service our customers can receive. We make sure that our clients are comfortable and happy with their skin treatments and the results that they see. Here at Skinfixx we use professional products that we know work. Also, a lot of people think that going to get a facial just means that you're going to get your face cleaned but it is so much more than that. During your facials you can just strip the skin you also have to feed it! So when looking up facial treatments near me and you come across SkinFixx just know that we will feed your skin all the nutrients that it will need to be healthy.

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Here are some of the Facial Services We Offer At SkinFixx LA

Are you looking for facial services near me and don't know which service to choose? Let SkinFixx LA resolve that for you. Here are SkinFixx LA we offer different types of facials to fit everyone's needs. When searching for facial services near me you want to make sure that your therapist is licensed. This insures you that the treatment you are going to be receiving is done by a professional. Next time when looking for facial services near me contact us.

Classic facials

are for an individual who has never had a facial or is wanting to maintain their skin’s health.

Facial Repair

is for dehydrated and dull skin.

Acne facials

are for people who struggle with painful nodules, pustules, or have acne congested skin.

Anti aging facials

are for people who would like to address wrinkles and droopiness.

Brightening facials

are for people who would like a brighter and more even toned skin.

Back facial

to clear and treat any unwanted acne.

Why Choose Us

SkinFixx LA will take care of all of your skin needs by providing a customized facial treatment just for you. As you may know every complexion has good skin days and bad skin days. The good news for you is that this is completely normal. What we try to do at SkinFixx LA is give you more good skin days than bad ones. We pride ourselves by saying that the skin products that we use not only treat your skin but it also feeds it. Also, keep in mind that in order to have beautiful healthy skin you need to do your part too.
If you’re tired of having a dull skin complexion and are ready to have the most beautiful healthy skin of your life. Book with us now at

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